Taiko happiness

By: fiore

May 03 2013

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Category: People, Photography


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100
Taiko drummer


Last weekend I went to a festival called “Festival dell’Oriente” (Festival of the Orient) basically because I wanted to see the performance of a Japanese drumming group called Masa-Daiko. I love Taiko and one of my greatest regret is that I haven’t been able to see a Taiko performance while I was in Japan.

BTW, normally I don’t take picture of people, basically because you don’t know whether they want to have a photo take or not, but since this was a show I guess that it was ok. 😉

I really like the expression on the drummer face: she looks pretty happy. 😀


3 comments on “Taiko happiness”

  1. Taiko drumming is amazing. I haven’t managed to catch a performance in Japan either, but then I also keep telling myself I’ll go to a Sumo match and end up watching the day’s round-up and later matches on television in the evening 😀

    It’s as exciting as being there, without paying several thousand yen >.>

    • Hi Thanks for stopping by.
      I haven’t been to a Sumo match either but I guess that must be a great experience too! I’d rather be there than watching it on tv, but it’s always better than nothing! 😉

      • I admit I like the TV coverage, because you get a lot of English-language commentary, and they go really in-depth into what’s been happening at the stables between seasons, as well as discussing each rikishi’s performance throughout their career.

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