My first camera: Agfa Iso-Pak

I began taking photographs at around 8 years of age with an old Agfa Iso-Pak, and never stopped ever since.

I soon moved to my father’s Canon AE-1, but when the autofocus cameras appeared on the market I’ve been seduced by their immediacy and portability.

The following advent of the digital cameras made me an inattentive photographer, preferring the quantity to the quality…

Now, after years of fast-photos I’ve finally decided it was time to go back to my roots, trying to find a balance in my photography with my new Nikon D-3100, still a digital one but at least a reflex…

Anyway, here you’ll find older and newer pictures taken with various cameras throughout the years. There’s no particular order or timeline. Their posting will basically depend on my… mood!

I hope you’ll find something interesting.

PS I was born and bread in Milan (Italy) where I’m still living… but that’s secondary.


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